• Samantha Weaver

Lady Macbeth (Inspired by Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth by John Singer Sargent)

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The Earth trembles in the pupils of her eyes,

encased in the icy blue seas of her iris’s.

She stares vacantly out into a crowd only she

can see before her.

The reflection of her fire red hair on a backdrop

of iridescent greens and blues

are all hazy in his crown.

She holds it above her own head,

her chin raised up toward the sky and yet

no one is looking back down at her.

His crown is clumsy between her twitching fingers,

the gold drawing out the blood forever stained and

wedged within the crevices of her skin.

An uneasy expression lingers on her colorful lips,

the blood somehow draining further from her face.

Her arms waver and yet she doesn’t lower the crown,

wanting to endlessly live in this, a single moment of triumph.

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